RD-122 12 ch. Rack Mounting Dimming

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OVERLOAD PROTECTION: 20 Amp fast acting circuit breakers SYSTEM ADDRESSABILITY: Softpatch any dimmer channel to any control channel COOLING: Variable speed fan with auto shutdown FILTERING: 450 Microseconds minimum rise time RELAY MODE: Each individual channel may be set for relay mode MINIMUM LOAD: 15 Watts DISPLAY: Dimmer levels, scene/chase/ control signal status and setup menus LOCAL CONTROL: Dimmers may be adjusted without a console INTERNAL SCENE: Level memory with 2 second fade rate, pile-on mode REMOTE SWITCH: Scene ON/OFF, chase ON/OFF or not used CHASE PATTERNS: 7 preset, 1 user programmable CHASE STEPS: 32 maximum STEP RATES: 1/4 second increments, 1/4 second to 16 1/2 minutes


Protocol DMX & LMX
Voltage (V) 2 HOTS of 120VAC single/three phase 120 Amps per hot input under full load
Power 2400 Watts / Channel
Length (in) 17
Height (in) 3.5
Width (in) 19
Weight (lbs) 43

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