Stainless Steel Fish Tapes 50Ft

Manufacturer: Morris SKU: MOR-52272


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This Stainless Steel Fish Tape will last longer than you will.

  • Tempered, High Quality 1/8” (3mm) Wide Stainless Steel Tape
  • Rust & Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Fish Tape Allows it to Rewind Easier & Last Longer than Ordinary Tape
  • Super Clean Finish Prevents Marks on Walls or Carpet
  • Includes a Formed Hook at End
  • Large Handle Grip for Greater User Control
  • Heavy-Duty Winder Case & one piece Nylon Handle for Maximum Durability, Long Life, and Easy, Comfortable Use
  • Stainless Steel Fish Tape Order Qty of 1 = 1 Piece
  • Minimum Order Qty = 1 Piece