Ushio 1001285 600W T3 Heater Infrared QIH104-104V 2500K

Ushio 1001285 600W T3 Heater Infrared QIH104-104V 2500K

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This Ushio 1001285 is a 600Watt G13 Heater Infrared T3, 2500K

- Highly Efficient Heat Source - Over 85% of the input energy is converted into infrared energy.
- Ease of Control - As opposed to combustion heat energy, our light source based energy is easier to control and manipulate by use of lenses and reflectors.
- Compact and Clean Energy - A non-polluting heat source from a light weight and compact footprint enables flexible design possibilities.
- Instant On/Off - Due to the ability to reach maximum output upon ignition, a sophisticated heating programming can be applied.
- Long Life and Consistent Output - By utilizing the halogen cycle, USHIO's lamps are designed up to 5000 hrs with almost no loss in infrared output.
- Flexible Production Capability - USHIO supports customer specified custom design and OEM support.


Ordering Code 1001285
Lamp Series Heater Infrared
Prod. ID / Ansi Code QIH-0613
Description QIH104-600/S
Description 2 600W 104V
Item Type Halogen
Base MS
Voltage 104
Wattage 600
Burn Position H4
Bulb Shape T3
Bulb Finish CLEAR
Color Temp (K) 2500
Life (Hr) 6000
Diameter (Mm) 10
Mol (Mm) 303
Case Qty 20
Front Glass Cover NO
Lighted Length (Lm) 152
Filament C-6

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