Ushio 1001391 6000W T3 Heater Infrared 480V 3150K

Ushio 1001391 6000W T3 Heater Infrared 480V 3150K

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This Ushio 1001391 is a 6000Watt FC Heater Infrared T3, 3150K

- Highly Efficient Heat Source - Over 85% of the input energy is converted into infrared energy.
- Ease of Control - As opposed to combustion heat energy, our light source based energy is easier to control and manipulate by use of lenses and reflectors.
- Compact and Clean Energy - A non-polluting heat source from a light weight and compact footprint enables flexible design possibilities.
- Instant On/Off - Due to the ability to reach maximum output upon ignition, a sophisticated heating programming can be applied.
- Long Life and Consistent Output - By utilizing the halogen cycle, USHIO's lamps are designed up to 5000 hrs with almost no loss in infrared output.
- Flexible Production Capability - USHIO supports customer specified custom design and OEM support.


USHIO Code Item 1001391
Product Series Heater Infrared
Prod. ID / Ansi Code QIH-6002
Description QIH 480-6000RI
Description 2 6000W 480V NS/L
Item type Halogen
Base N/A
Voltage 480
Wattage 6000
Burn Position H4
Bulb Shape T3
Bulb Finish CLEAR
Color Tepm 3150
Filament C-6
Front Glass Cover NO
Diameter 10
MOL (mm) 300
Lighted Length (lm) 248

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