Optoma SP.80N01.001 Projector Cage Assembly with Original Projector Bulb Inside

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SP.80N01.001 Optoma Projector Lamp Replacement with cage assembly . Projector Lamp with Brand New High Quality Original Projector Bulb Inside
SP.80N01.001 Projector Lamp
The projector bare lamp is compatible with the following manufacturers and models: Nobo- X23M Bulb Nobo- X25M Bulb Optoma- EP738P Bulb Optoma- EP739 Bulb Optoma- EP739H Bulb Optoma- EP745 Bulb Optoma- Theme-S H27 Bulb Optoma- BL-FS200A Bulb Optoma- EP732 Bulb Optoma- EP732B Bulb Optoma- EP732E Bulb Optoma- EP732H Bulb


Projector Manufacturer's Optoma
Projector Models SP.80N01.001