Ushio NSHA275ED 275 Watt Projector High Quality Original Projector Bulb



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275 Watt Projector Bulb Replacement without cage assembly . Brand New High Quality Original Projector Bulb
Original Projector Bulb
The projector bare lamp is compatible with the following manufacturers and models: Sharp- AN-C430LP Apollo- PL9510 Sharp- XG-C465X Sharp- XG-C430X Sharp- AN-C430LP/1 Sharp- PG-C355W Sharp- XG-C330X Sharp- XG-C335X Sharp- XG-C350X Sharp- XG-C435X Sharp- XG-C455W Hitachi- DT00871 Viewsonic- RLC-038 Christie- LX400 Dukane- 456-8948 Dukane- Imagepro 8948 Hitachi- CP-SX635 Hitachi- CP-WX625 Hitachi- CP-X615 Hitachi- CP-X705 Hitachi- CP-X807 Hitachi- CP-X809 Hitachi- DT00873 Planar- 997-5214-00 Infocus- C500 infocus Lamp Infocus- IN5102 Infocus- IN5106 Planar- PR9020 Viewsonic- PJ1173 Christie- 003-120457-01 Infocus- SP-LAMP-038 3M- 78-6969-9930-5 3M- X95 3M- X95i Christie- LW400 Christie- LWU420 Sony- LMP-F270 Sony- VPL-FE40 Sony- VPL-FW41 Sony- VPL-FW41L Sony- VPL-FX40 Sony- VPL-FX40L Sony- VPL-FX41 Sony- VPL-FX41L Infocus- SP-LAMP-046 Mitsubishi- VLT-XL650LP Mitsubishi- HL2750U Mitsubishi- HL650U Mitsubishi- WL2650U Mitsubishi- WL639 Mitsubishi- XL2550U Mitsubishi- XL650 Mitsubishi- XL650U


Projector Manufacturer's Ushio
Projector Models NSHA275ED
Warranty 6 Months Manufacturers Warranty. Warranty does not cover: shipping costs, improper installation including damages incurred while attempting installation, any installation or labor costs, lamps damaged by TV/projector malfunction, damage due to abuse, ligh