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    Dimmer Packs & Controllers

    All lighting control consoles can control dimmers which control the intensity of the lights. Many modern consoles can also control Intelligent lighting (lights that can move, change colors and gobo patterns), fog machines and hazers, and other special effects devices.

    Stage Lighting Dimmer Pack & Controllers

    Stage Lighting Dimmer Packs & Controllers

    At Bulb America, we stock a variety of dimmer packs, controllers, DMX controllers, light bulbs and more, all for a one-stop shopping convenience. DMX controllers are what bring lighting systems together, and it is important to select one that is a good quality and suits need requirements.

    We stock a wide array of controllers from basic 8 channel DMX controllers to larger, more complex 48-channel controllers. The 48-channel controllers provide greater programming depth. We also stock the Sweet Light series controllers that make your computer one of the best DMX controllers available via a DMX/USB interface and Sweet Light software. These computer-linked DMX controllers provide greater versatility and functionality.

    If you have PAR cans, projector lamps or other fixtures and don't have a dimmer pack, your controllers are not being used to their full capacity. Controllers and dimmer packs work hand-in-hand to deliver the lighting performances you need. From the basic four-channel dimmer packs to the more complex dimmer packs with SOCAPEX outlets and patch bays we have what you need. Give your stage or venue the light it deserves with dimmer packs and DMX controllers today.

    Bulb America strives to provide all of the light bulbs you need including: halogen lights, CFL bulbs, LED lighting and more. If you don't see the light bulbs, dimmer packs, controllers or other products you need, contact us.

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