You probably already know that spiral-shaped CFLs use less energy than the standard alternative, but choosing the spiral shape doesn't have to come with aesthetic compromise. If you prefer the energy efficiency of spiral CFLs but like the look of a traditional light bulb, an A-shaped CFL bulb is the best choice. These CFLs still feature the energy efficient spiral interior but are surrounded by a classic light bulb shape. You can use this type of light bulb just about anywhere you'd use an incandescent in your home or business.

At BulbAmerica, we have several unique types of A-shaped CFL bulbs to choose from, including A16, A17 and A19 bulbs. These options suit an array of applications where you want to improve performance and reduce costs. We also offer some specialty A-shaped CFLs, such as a CFL yellow light by Philips that keeps away bugs, in addition to many traditional-use colors. BulbAmerica stocks CFLs several watts, voltage, color and lumen options to meet your unique needs. You can trust name brands like GE, Philips, Satco, Sunlight and Ushio.

Many homeowners and business owners love the energy-saving capabilities of CFL bulbs but aren't crazy about their standard spiral shape. Thankfully, several of the industry's leading light manufacturers now produce A-Shaped CFL light bulbs available for affordable purchase. These bulbs still have the energy-efficient spiral design, except it's encased inside an A-Shaped exterior. At BulbAmerica, we carry a wide range of A-Shaped CFL bulbs from manufacturers including Philips, Satco, GE, Sunlite and Ushio.

Our inventory is stocked with low-priced A16, A17 and A19 A-Shaped CFL light bulbs that fit in any sockets where standard incandescent bulbs fit. We also carry a selection of specialty bulbs like this 8w CF8CC 2700k E26 Base Cold Cathode Bulb from Ushio for cold weather applications and this 14w Yellow Bug Light A19 Compact Fluorescent Bulb from Philips for keeping bugs off your property. Order these and other A-Shaped CFL bulbs from our lighting experts at BulbAmerica today!