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Since 2003, BulbAmerica has been striving to offer customers the best selection of lighting products on the internet, along with competitive prices and personalized service you won't find anywhere else. Our premium light bulbs, fixtures and other lighting products are shipped quickly, being delivered right to your door in very little time. We're proud of our huge selection of lighting products, but we're just as proud of the personalized service we offer each and every customer. If you have a question, you can get a prompt, reliable answer from our courteous and knowledgeable staff simply by calling us toll-free or by emailing us. That's why BulbAmerica is your one-stop online shop for stage, automotive, Christmas lights, LED lighting, bulbs, fixtures and much more.

Whether you're looking for lamp light bulbs, a stage light bulb, an automotive lamp or any other kind of light bulb, we probably have it, because we carry more than 50,000 types of bulbs. With worldwide shipping available, we can get your bulb to you no matter where you call home. We carry all of the leading brands like Osram and General Electric as well as our own economical BulbAmerica house brand. If you're into saving money, you should also check out our vast selection of LED bulbs, which are designed to save energy compared to standard incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, thereby lowering operating costs. LED bulbs are also long-lasting, saving you money on labor and maintenance costs.

At BulbAmerica, we carry the best selection of fixtures, bulbs, accessories and other lighting equipment for all sorts of applications. Whether you're looking for lighting for commercial industrial, residential or theatrical needs, you'll find the right bulb and accessories at BulbAmerica. Are you a DJ looking to take your show on the road? Consider some of our lightweight, portable PAR cans that can enhance the mood of your music and your audience. We also carry PAR cans and accessories that are suitable for dramatic productions ranging from schools and small church plays to major professional theatrical events.

If you want to protect your property, whether residential, commercial or industrial, BulbAmerica has security and safety lights that will deter theft and vandalism. Motion-activated flood lights and landscaping light bulbs can also be used to illuminate walkways or stairs to protect your family or guests from potentially painful and costly accidents. For inside the home, we have under-cabinet lighting to illuminate those dark niches as well as chandeliers that can add a touch of elegance to the dining area. When Christmas rolls around, shop our huge inventory of Christmas lights, trees, wreaths and other items to light up your home with holiday cheer inside and out.

If you have an office, you can pick from scores of energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs at BulbAmerica. We also carry high-bay lights suitable for warehouses and commercial enterprises. Our large selection of industrial lighting is designed to light up any work space with ease.

Got a car that needs a new brake light, headlight or any other kind of exterior or interior light? You can find exactly the bulb you need quickly and at a low price with our easy-to-use drop-down menu. If you need a replacement projector lamp for your multimedia projector or rear-projection TV, BulbAmerica carries more than 10,000 bulbs, and you can also easily find the right one with our convenient drop-down menu.