PAR 64 bulbs are larger than others in the BulbAmerica PAR series (8 inches in diameter) and they provide excellent lighting with various beam spreads - narrow, medium or wide flood. An easy way to tell the spot size of a bulb is by looking at the lens. Narrow spots have clear lenses, medium spots have small "steps" or indentations in the lens, and wide spots have more compact "steps."

A new offering in PAR 64 light bulb series is the Osram Sylvania bulb with an aluminum back. Typically, most bulbs are made entirely of glass. An aluminum back means it is more lightweight and easy to use.

There are dozens of bulbs to choose from in this collection, with varying wattages, finishes, spot sizes, color temperatures and brands. Offering a long lifespan and quality craftsmanship, PAR 64 bulbs can be used for aircraft, commercial or personal vehicles, theater and stage lighting, studio lighting, emergency lights or for general commercial floodlight usages.