You won't find a bigger selection of indoor and outdoor Christmas wreaths anywhere - we have hundreds to choose from! These beautiful holiday wreaths are from Vickerman, world specialists in Christmas trees, lights, ornaments and commercial holiday décor. They only sell to professional decorators and retailers, but we carry a huge selection of their stunning Christmas wreaths. You'll discover many different varieties, such as realistic holiday wreaths, colored wreaths and Christmas wreaths with lights, pine cones, berries and other decorations. Looking for tinsel Christmas wreaths? You'll find them here.

The lighted wreaths are available as standard mini-lights or energy efficient, long-lasting LEDs. There is every color of holiday wreath imaginable. You'll find many shades of realistic green wreaths such as Douglas fir wreaths, mixed pine wreaths and spruce wreaths. You'll also find frosted wreaths, silver wreaths, gold wreaths, champagne tinsel wreaths, blue fir and black fir wreaths, purple wreaths, fuchsia wreaths, red wreaths, pink wreaths, aqua wreaths, chartreuse wreaths and even square wreaths!

Wreath decorations include tiny pine cones, mini-lights, red holly berries, mixed berries, LED Italian lights, colored balls and tinsel. We have festive holiday wreaths for every preference and every budget. And best of all, unlike natural wreaths, these Christmas wreaths can be used year after year! A dazzling holiday wreath also makes a great gift when you go visiting friends and relatives.

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