Great Christmas decoration ideas go hand-in-hand with LED light strings, and you’ll find all the light strings you need at BulbAmerica. LED lights are valued for their brightness and durability, and you can find strings with mini lights or standard lights to use in your indoor or outdoor displays. Find the right type of light strings to bring your holiday décor vision to life.

Cool and Warm White Lights

White LED Christmas lights are designed to produce a crisp cool glow or a soothing warm glow, and the one you choose is a matter of preference. Cool white light bulbs have a bright, crystal clear appearance, and when used outdoors, they really pop with brightness against a pitch-black night sky. Warm white Christmas bulbs are ideal for indoor Christmas trees, and they also make indoor window displays more eye-pleasing.

Multicolor Lights

Choose LED light strings featuring multicolor lights when you want to create cheerful upbeat displays. Multicolored lighting strings typically include five different colors, and each color repeats throughout the entire strand. Classic colors are blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. You can also find strands that include popular colors such as purple.

Battery-Operated Lights

Reduce holiday season electricity bills with a battery-operated LED light string. These lights are available in single colors or multicolor strings, and typically use standard AA size batteries. They are great for holidays and all sorts of special occasions, and you’ll enjoy their high level of energy efficiency.

Various Wire Colors

When choosing light strands, BulbAmerica gives you more than a single wire color choice, and that’s important for customized displays. The traditional green wire is always popular, but you can also find white wires, brown wires and black strand Christmas lights that blend well with various backdrops.

Special Features

What make BulbAmerica light strings stand out are special features that make it easy to create imaginative displays. For instance, strings with built-in end-to-end connectors give you great decorative flexibility. With interchangeable bulbs you can replace colors at will, and Energy Star rated strings offer money-saving efficiency.