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HB Cross Reference: Replaceable Light Sources for Vehicle Headlamps
Trade Number Bulb Type Cap (Base) Filaments Nominal power
9004 HB1 P29t 2 65 / 45 W
9003 HB2 P43t-38 2 60 / 55 W European H4 w/stricter geometric tolerances
& lower max output limit
9005 HB3 P20d (90°) 1 65 W
9005XS HB3A P20d (straight) 1 65 W HB3 w/180° straight base
9006 HB4 P22d (90°) 1 55 W
9006XS HB4A P22d (180° straight) 1 55 W HB4 w/180° straight base
9007 HB5 PX29t 2 65 / 55 W
9008 H13 P26t 2 65 / 55 W

Did you ever stop to consider how many lights your car or truck has? If one's gone out, the problem can range from a mild annoyance, such as when the dome light doesn't work, to a major safety concern, such as when your headlights or brake lights conk out. In addition to creating hassles and danger, not replacing broken vehicle lights and bulbs can be expensive if your friendly local police officer pulls you over to write you a ticket for an infraction.

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Questions and answers:

Q: What is the difference between H4 and 9003? Can I use an H4 bulb as a replacement in my car as they have the same wattages?
A: US regulations were amended to permit the use of H4 bulbs redesignated HB2 and 9003, they are physically and electrically interchangeable.