Looking for a tasteful way to decorate your home this holiday season? Tear drop lights are a nice change of pace from standard bulb and novelty lights. These decorative light sets feature rows of mini lights attached to curvy wires, and those wires are attached to sturdy main wires with connectors that allow you to hang them anywhere you choose. After they are hung, they create a beautiful ethereal light show for family, friends and neighborhood visitors.

Elegant Party Lights

LED drop lights make a wonderful backdrop for celebrations and parties. Think of creative ways you can use them to brighten up a main room, or your backyard. Sets with end-to-end connectors make it easier to set up lights near dependable power sources. Consider stretching strings across the backyard fence for outdoor parties. Drop light strings are nice to have around for Christmas festivities, anniversary parties, and wedding receptions that require creative décor with a touch of elegance.

White Tear Drop Lights

If you enjoy the look of standard white icicle lights, you may also fall in love with white tear drop lights. White LED bulbs are extremely flexible when it comes to lighting décor design. Choose a set with interchangeable bulbs that are easy to replace with similar bulbs from BulbAmerica. If creating lighted displays are your passion, it’s always a good idea to have a few tear drop strings on hand.

Colorful Tear Drop Lights

The opposite of white is color, and you’ll get plenty of vibrant color when choosing tear drop strings that include bulb colors such as blue and orange. Color has the power to set a certain mood, and these delicate-looking light strings glow vibrantly as they hang from your home’s roof, trees, and other places.

Combine Light Strings

With the addition of end-to-end connectors, LED tear drop lights can be grouped together for more impactful designs. When connecting several strings together, make sure the total wattage doesn’t go over 210 watts, a safety precaution that protects your home and light strings.

Energy-Saving Lighting

While light decorating is a lot of fun, you do have to be mindful of the amount of energy they produce. LED light bulbs in tear drop strands are energy-efficient, and some strands include low wattage adapters for additional energy savings.