Lighting up stages, studios or retail areas is easy with the 4.5 inch PAR 36 bulb. These bulbs have a flatter base than typical PAR bulbs, allowing them to attach closer to the lighting unit and create a larger light area. They can be used for stage lighting, studio lighting, spot lighting, flood lighting, light displays, truck or tractor lighting, aircraft lighting or serve as emergency lights. The options are endless with this versatile bulb.

BulbAmerica offers more than 120 individual PAR 36 halogen bulbs for any type of residential, commercial or industrial application. Virtually all types of beam angles, beam spreads, bases, lens colors and watts are covered in this section. They come in different hues like red or amber allowing for a desired look. Par 36 bulbs are manufactured with the highest quality and attention to detail and they offer more longevity and less energy usage than traditional bulbs.