Holiday lighting displays must be carefully planned and installed properly, and LED icicle lights help you achieve your decorative goals. Icicle lights can be used in numerous types of lighting displays, which is why they’re so popular. These lights emit lots of power, yet burn cooler than standard incandescent lights, reducing the amount of energy expended. Pick any of the most popular light bulb styles for your displays.

Classic White Icicle Lights

Real icicles look beautiful, but they have their downside. Fortunately, you can reproduce that lovely icicle effect without hazards and mess using white icicle lights. LED white light bulbs come in cool and warm versions. Crystal clear bulbs produce light with a slight bluish tint. When you choose warm white light, the glow is soft and inviting.

Colorful Icicle Lights

There’s no end to the fun designs you can create with strings of color LED icicle lights. Color lights attract the eye, and energize any display. Single color or multicolor light strings can be layered side-by-side to create a cohesive effect. Or you can alternate different color strings, creating interesting stripes and patterns.

Novelty Snowflake Icicle Lights

Snowflakes are an integral part of the holiday season, and you don’t need to live in a cold climate to appreciate their beauty. Find novelty icicle lights in the shape of snowflakes to boost the wintry appeal of your design. Another idea is to jazz up windows with lighted snowflakes.

White Wire Icicle Strings

Sometimes you may want your white icicle bulbs to match their wires to achieve a flawless, color-coordinated appearance. That’s easy to do when you buy light sets that already pair these two elements together. Choose warm or cool white clear or faceted bulbs attached to white wires for sheer elegance.

Other Wire Colors

Icicle light strings come with the traditional festive green wires that you know and love, and these always look great on Christmas trees. Black and brown wires are great for outdoor trees and darker backgrounds.