Get your holiday decorating plans off to a fantastic start with reels of LED rope lights. Whether you’re a lighting design novice, or have years of experience, you can come up with numerous ways to make use of this nifty invention. Rope lights share the functionality of other types of rope, but they are specially designed for creating lighted decorative accents. LED lighted ropes are also cost-efficient, because they burn cooler than incandescent varieties, meaning you get a longer illumination time at a cost savings.

Use a Lot or a Little

One of the neat things about LED rope lights is that you can use the entire reel for your creations, or just a part of it. Cutting the LED rope light to specific lengths is usually done with a sharp pair of scissors or a sharp knife. Ropes include cutting marks as a guide for better precision. Be sure to cut between the copper dots to avoid damaging the strip. Once you have the strip length size you want, discard any excess copper wire and carefully insert connectors. Turn pieces into all sorts of fun shapes for your lighting projects.

Set a Mood

Create a bright and happy or relaxed and serene mood in any room using LED rope lighting. Line ceilings or floor beams with strips of rope, and use clips to keep them in place. Select the color of rope light according to the type of mood lighting you desire. Unlike warm colors such as orange and yellow which are uplifting, cool colors such as blue and green are more soothing. Mood lighting also works for outdoor porches, patios, and gardens.

Know Your White Light Colors

You’ve decided to grab several reels of white rope lights, but discover there is more than just one type of white color for these lights. Is one shade of white better than the other? No. The shade of white LED rope light you choose depends only on your personal preferences. Cool white rope reels produce a crisp bright white color that looks sharp against dark backgrounds. Pearl white rope has a luminescent richness ideal for glamorous projects. Warm white rope projects coziness and is a nice choice for lighting home exteriors.