Take your holiday light designs to the next level with LED net lights from BulbAmerica. This selection combines the brilliance of LED decorative lights with the practicality of netting. Nets are crafted out of specially-made wires, and light bulbs are spaced at specific intervals, giving them room to dazzle on their own. If you enjoy customizing your sets, choose net sets with interchangeable bulbs. When covering large surfaces, net sets with end-to-end connectors and stackable plugs help make going big a lot easier.

LED Net Warm Lights

When decorating with white LED lights, there’s no need to give up that cozy, warm glow you love so much. In fact, you can get a warm incandescent lighting effect with LED net lights featuring warm white lights. Sets that include 100 lights produce around 9.6 watts of power for thousands of hours, which is good news for your energy bill.

LED Net Cool White Lights

When pure white light is essential to your design, pick up net lights with cool white color. These lights produce crisp illumination that catches the eye. Once you’ve lighted the eaves of your home, consider draping net lights all around the front porch for a charming storybook effect. Laying white light nets on the ground is a neat way to make a lighted path that looks awesome at night.

LED Net Multicolored Lights

In a hurry to create festive decorations? LED net sets with multicolor lights are just the thing you need for hassle-free decorative lighting. These sets can be used indoors and outdoors, and they include numerous lights in popular colors. A great color combination is blue, red, yellow, orange and green, but you’ll find other cool combos as well. Throwing a party? Hang multicolor net lights on the walls and attached white net lights to the ceiling for glittering festive mood lighting.

LED Net Wide Angle Lights

Some LED net light sets come with wide angle lights, and these lights offer excellent brightness while conserving energy. You can tell them apart from other type of bulbs when looking at their shape and size. They are compact and feature a triangle shape at the top, and this shape helps the bulb diffuse light evenly.

LED Net Trunk Wrap Lights

You can do so much with net lights outdoors, including decorate outdoor greenery. Choose trunk wrap lights when you want to make quick work of decorating bushes and trees around your home. With very little effort you can achieve a professional-looking design that makes your home look cheery and festive.