Prepare for a hassle-free Christmas light show by stocking up on replacement Christmas bulbs for your home and holiday displays. Opaque, clear and twinkling Christmas lights come in more than one size, and making the right choice is crucial to replacing bulbs in your light strings. Fortunately, BulbAmerica carries replacement bulbs in popular sizes, including the C9 bulb and the C7 bulb. Select packs of 25 bulbs in either size for fast replacement when you notice one or more lights have stopped working.

Christmas light strings with C9 bulbs provide 7 watts of power per each bulb, which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor holiday displays. Size matters when you want everyone to see multiple colors of bright lights, and C9s are 1.18 inches in diameter, making it easy for spectators to see them from a distance. Alternatively, the C7 bulbs have a 7/8-inch diameter, producing 5 watts of steady power per bulb, which is great for most standard holiday uses. Both bulb sizes feature recognizable point-tip bulb shapes with a nickel base screw-on bottom for easy removal and replacement. Replacement packs include colors of red, blue, orange, green and white. Need just one color? BulbAmerica offers 25-pack replacement Christmas lights in single colors for customized lighting options.

Make sure your Christmas tree lights are all in good working order, and when they fizzle out, you’ll have plenty of Christmas tree bulbs on hand to ensure your tree always looks awesome. Whether you prefer opaque or transparent bulbs for your tree, you’ll find the right size replacements that fit seamlessly with the entire string.

Are you a big fan of twinkling lights? Stock up on C7 or C9 twinkle variety packs. Twinkle lights make your trees and decorative displays dance with color, offering spectators an eyeful of visual delight. Choose C7 triple-dipped transparent multicolor packs, or C9 LED multicolor twinkle packs. You can also replace single color twinkle bulbs to keep the lighting magic going strong.

At BulbAmerica, you’ll find a wonderful assortment of Christmas light bulb replacements for strings of bubble lights, flicker flame lights and candelabra base lights.