UV Germicidal Light Bulbs


Germicidal bulbs are hard-working tools for healthier living and better safety in industrial environments. They are generally low pressure bulbs that emit radiation, and they utilize phosphors and a quartz glass envelope that work together to eliminate germs and control volatile organic compounds. They give off minimal actual light, but work invisibly to create improved ozone in the air around them. How they work is the light itself creates damage in the nucleic acid of microorganisms. It forms covalent bonds between adjacent bases in the DNA, and the material is destroyed as a result. These bulbs quickly get rid of dangerous germs like yeast, viruses, bacteria, mold and more, allowing a healthier atmosphere for businesses or homes.

These low maintenance light bulbs can be used for many purposes. Not only are they easy to install, but they allow for disinfection without the usage of chemicals or other invasive techniques - they are the ultimate easy cleansing tool. Some examples of germicidal light bulb applications include usage in residential water and air disinfection units, food and beverage disinfection in the service industry, disinfection in the bottling industry, medical equipment sterilization in hospitals and doctors' offices, pharmaceutical production and electronic manufacturing.

Germicidal light bulbs from BulbAmerica come in three types for users to choose from: plug-in, screw-in and linear, which allows users to choose whichever one works best for their desired effect. Multiple lengths and sizes are available - these bulb varieties provide many options when deciding on the best germicidal light bulb for particular sanitization needs. With fast shipping and low prices, it's now easier to get healthier with the right germicidal bulb choice. BulbAmerica is "the professional's source" - providing high-quality, long lasting light bulbs for all professional and technical needs, no matter the industry.