Ushio Germicidal Bulbs

Ushio Germicidal Bulbs

USHIO Germicidal lamps are Low-Pressure Mercury-Arc lamps that emit radiation peaking at 253.7nm (UV-C).

Designed by experienced engineers, and by using quality material in combination with a tightly controlled manufacturing process, Ushio provides high quality lamps free of impurities to maintain strong and stable output throughout life of the lamp.

Ushio Germicidal lamps are manufactured at n IS09001 certified facility. Emphasis on quality control and our large production capacity makes us an ideal OEM partner for providing consistent quality lamps with reliable delivery.

About Ushio Germicidal Lamps

- Low Mercury dose to meet environmental demands

- Specially formulated coating achieves high output over long life hours

- High purity lamp construction to stabilize UV output and minimizes depreciation (averages 20-25% depreciation at end of life)

-Large production capacity providing lamps with consistent quality and reliable delivery
- Flexible design capability for custom lamp development