Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights have many uses around the home and in commercial settings. They can be used as ambient lighting, task lighting or as decorative lighting. In a private residence, you'll see pendants being used over a kitchen island, typically in a set of 3 lights. They can also be used as a set over a dining room table, taking the place of a chandelier. As an alternative to multiple lights, a longer fixture can be used. With a dimmer, they can provide ambient lighting in a bedroom, and they can also be used instead of a lamp on a bedside table. Pendant lighting is frequently seen in foyers and entranceways, and in these locations, they also serve as decorative pieces, creating elegant décor. If you're choosing a pendant for this purpose, select one that is more artistic.

At Bulb America, we offer a wide variety of pendant lights. There are traditional pendants with features such as polished brass finish and alabaster glass or mahogany bronze finish with sanded tea stain glass. Contemporary pendants are designed for modern décor, and they tend to have a sleek, more streamlined look. If you're interested in a style that combines simplicity with chic elegance, check them out. Mini pendants are small and compact, and are typically used more often for accent lighting or task lighting, rather than ambient lighting. Up-light pendants focus light upwards, making a room appear to have more space. A down-light pendant focuses light downwards so it shines on the specific task area you wish to illuminate, such as a kitchen island. Drum pendants, which of course resemble a drum, are trendy lights that provide good wide lighting.

LED pendants and LED mini pendants take advantage of the latest in lighting technology to give you energy efficient lighting with long-lasting bulbs and high-quality, directional light. These LED pendant lights will save you money, both in energy costs and replacement costs. You'll also find various kinds of glass pendants and pendant glass that you can purchase separately to update older lighting fixtures.