Lower costs associated with day-to-day operation and maintenance happen when you upgrade your out-of-date incandescent and fluorescent lights to energy efficient LED R40 and BR40 bulbs. Both of these bulb types are an ideal choice for directional lighting including track lighting, recessed lighting and retail display lighting. They can also be used in many general household lighting applications. BulbAmerica has high-quality R40 and BR40 LED bulbs that you can use to create the same bright area or directional lighting as your current incandescent bulbs, with a huge assortment of color and lumen options available for tailored lighting design.

What's the difference between BR40 and R40, you ask? It comes down to the shape. BR stands for "bulged reflector." Traditionally, anytime an incandescent bulb has the BR designation it will feature a bulged shape covered in a unique reflector material to cast a wider beam of light away from the bulb. With that being said, LED BR40 bulbs are equipped with a unique dome-shaped lens that renders the reflector unnecessary, so contemporary LED BR40 lights don't have a reflector but still provide a wide-cast beam with less shadows. If you prefer a less bulged shape with a slimmer beam, then R40 LEDs are for you.