DJ Lighting Stands

These DJ lighting stands are designed for holding pin spots and par cans for easy-to-set-up lighting. You'll also find truss systems that can hold lightweight speaker cabinets as well, perfect for professional DJs. There are single bar stands, double bar stands, truss systems and par can stands that are made from anodized aluminum and steel for maximum durability and stability. Depending on the DJ light stand model, features include adjustable heights, T-bar supports, lightweight and collapsible design for easy transport and simple mounting for lighting cans. These top-quality light stands are manufactured by Optima and our own Bulb America brand.

High-quality stage lighting stands are essential equipment for audio/video professionals. Use them for weddings, corporate events, trade show presentations, smaller stage productions, photo sessions and video shoots at remote locations and special events where stages must be constructed from scratch. In these types of situations, portable lighting stands and trusses are the perfect solution for creating professional results in challenging conditions.

In addition to these premium DJ lighting stands, you'll find a wide variety of stage lighting equipment, including PAR cans, stage light bulbs, dimmer packs, controllers, ellipsoidals, followspots, lighting effects, lighting clamps, outdoor color changers and search lights, projectors, lighting clamps and other accessories. There are stage light bulbs from Osram, GE Ushio and Philips; LED PAR cans from Optima; dimmer packs from Matrix and Lightronics; controllers from Osram and Optima; lighting effects from Optima, Platinum and Osram and much more.

Founded in 2003, Bulb America has become the largest online source for the highest quality light bulbs and lighting fixtures in the U.S. Our partnerships with leading manufacturers makes it possible to offer the lowest prices. Our expertise and customer service is second to none.