An LED PAR can light has many advantages over traditional incandescent can lights and halogen can lights. They provide the same amount of light at a significantly lower wattage, so you save on energy usage. They also last far longer than either incandescent or halogen bulbs. LED bulbs can have a lifespan of 100,000 hours or more, which means that depending upon your usage, you might never have to replace it. In addition to saving you money on replacement costs, it also reduces the number of light bulbs in landfills. PAR Can LED lighting is the eco-friendly and wallet-friendly choice. LED lamps are also extremely durable and they emit far less heat, so they stay cool to the touch, making them safer and a preferable light source around children. They're easy to use in productions, as they don't require gel sheets.

LED PAR64 cans can be used for creating high-quality lighting in small and medium sized locations. These lightweight, portable LED PAR lights are ideal for traveling DJs, bands and other mobile productions. They're also great in clubs, churches or theaters.

With certain models that are appropriate for indoor or outdoor use, these lights are very adaptable, letting you mix red, green and blue for professional light displays. Operate these can lights as standalone units, as master and slave setups or along with a DMX-512 control. For models that have the sound activation feature, these vibrant, colorful lights react to the music, making them perfect for discos, clubs and parties.

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