PAR64 Cans


The PAR CAN 64  have long been a work horse fixture in stage lighting and theatre lighting. These fixtures come in two different types: long barrel, or long nose, cans and short barrel cans. By and large long barrel cans are the most widely used and measure between 16.5in and 17.5in in length. Though not technically a short nosed PAR 64 can, OPTI PARs are shorter (around 11.5in long) than long barrel PAR cans and feature a special reflector that is intended for high light outputs. Another difference between long barrel PAR cans and OPTI PARs are the types of bulbs they use.

PAR 64 CAN usually use 1000w or 500w PAR light bulbs with mogul end prong bases or other types of bases. OPTI PARs typically require 575w FLK bulbs, which feature G9.5 medium 2-pin bases and require a different type of socket than PAR bulbs do. For versatility, many of these fixtures are offered in black, polished chrome, and white so you can use them in theatrical applications and architectural lighting applications.

Many consumers do not realize how many ways these fixtures can be used. Beyond hanging them from lighting stands or trusses, consumers can stand them on their yokes or set them up on the ground using a PAR floor stand. Regardless of how you use them, make us your #1 lighting destination!