Stage Lighting Accessories

Stage lighting accessories may seem like a small afterthought to stage lights and PAR cans, but they can make a big difference not only in the success of a performance but in the ease of putting it on. At BulbAmerica, we stock a big selection of stage lighting cables, cords, clamps and accessories that will add creativity, performance and professionalism to your lighting setup. You can choose from basic necessities like extension cords, clamps and cables to the extra special effects that will add a spark to your shows, like fog fluid for making thick, dense fogs and gel sheets for creating a rainbow of mesmerizing colors.

If you're going to be setting up your cans on trusses or stands, such as for a DJ performance at a nightclub or social event, you'll need clamps you can count on. At BulbAmerica, we stock a variety of C-clamps, O-clamps and mega-clamps that are light yet sturdy and easy to use. Some are made of tough plastic so they won't scratch your lighting equipment.

If you're looking to add visual interest to your lighting, consider one of our gobos. Place these stencils in front of your light source to project some eye-caching images. These are perfect for DJs, nightclubs, businesses and churches. Our Apollo gobos are made of high-quality, 8-mil stainless steel with a high nickel and chromium content. They'll outlast the majority of gobos you'll find on the market, which are 5 mils thick with a large amount of carbon steel that tends to rust quickly.

If you're looking to save money by repairing malfunctioning equipment, check out our big inventory of replacement parts, including sockets, lamp holders and PAR bulb retaining rings. We can help you find exactly the right part quickly and ship it right to your door promptly.