If you're looking for an easy way to reduce lighting costs and lessen maintenance in your home or business, an LED recessed retrofit from BulbAmerica is a grade-A choice. These kits are a smart, efficient way to upgrade your energy-sucking incandescent retrofit lights without performing an intensive, costly overhaul. For example, you can replace a hefty 100-watt incandescent retrofit bulb with an equivalent LED running at just 12 watts with a high-quality recessed retrofit downlight from our store.

These retrofit LED kits come in a huge variety of lumen, voltage and color options for tailor-made recessed lighting in any environment. Ideal for any space where you want to be able to achieve elegant area lighting without a protruding fixture, LED downlights are a sleek lighting solution that won't take away from your décor or architectural features. The majority of our kits are fully dimmable and feature technologies that make them compatible with popular dimmer brands like Lutron. Shop retrofit kits by Satco, GreenLux and more at BulbAmerica.

If you have recessed retrofit lights in your walls or ceilings, you know that they can be quite energy consumptive and hard to replace. If you are looking for an energy efficient alterative to outdated incandescent recessed retrofit light bulbs, check out our wide selection of retrofit LED downlights and retrofit LED kits from some of the industry's leading manufacturers, including Sunlite, Nicor and American Lighting. These LED lighting options come with a wide variety of voltage, lumen and color options, and are built in several sizes to meet any recessed retrofit space. Read on for a quick overview of our retrofit LED options, and order yours here at BulbAmerica today!

LED Downlights and DownLight Kits

We carry a wide range of retrofit LED downlights designed to fit in your recessed downlight fixtures. LED options like this High Quality 5-6 inch 12W Recessed LED Retrofit Downlight Kit from GreenLux can easily replace a 100 Watt incandescent bulb while lasting up to 25 times longer. Products like this Philips 5-6" Recessed LED handle any 5 to 6 inch recessed retrofit lighting application day in and day out. Shop these and other recessed retrofit LED lights at BulbAmerica today!