BulbAmerica PAR 38 bulbs are suited for both indoor and outdoor use. They are resistant to moisture, so they can operate as outdoor floodlights or spotlights at residences, office complexes, commercial areas, or public spaces. They also work inside any building, so keep your options open when debating which PAR 38 light bulb to purchase.

PAR 38 bulbs measure 4.75 in width and offer the best floodlight options that create safety and security for homes and businesses. These bulbs are also perfect for lighting up art galleries and museum displays, track and ceiling lighting, spotlighting for theaters or retail, accent lighting in lobbies or they can be used for holiday home decoration.

Pick from BulbAmerica's collection of long lasting, high-performance bulbs that come equipped with different voltages, wattages and optical systems that suit your specific needs. Brands like GE, Philips and PLATINUM provide the highest quality illumination available online.