Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner looking to add lighting and security to your property, LED security flood lights are a smart choice. They're designed to be energy-efficient while still producing a wash of light that can illuminate walkways, stairways, entrances and more. Keeping your property safe is essential, but so is saving time and money. When you use LED outdoor security flood lights, security and safety of your property will be greatly enhanced. LED security flood lights are durable and reliable, producing sharp, bright light exactly where you need it. These fixtures are also compact and very affordable. Best of all, an LED security floodlights are extremely energy efficient and long lasting, saving you money in utility costs and maintenance.

>Shop at BulbAmerica for the best selection of LED security lighting. Choose from various models such as high output units that can provide as much as 3800 lumens with just 50 watts of energy usage. This represents a 70 percent saving over an equivalent 100-watt halogen flood light. You'll find LED flood lights in various sizes, shapes and finishes all in one convenient location. Browse our selection of lamps with different color temperatures and wattages to find the right light for your needs. Depending on the model, features may include a die-cast aluminum body, an aluminum reflector for boosted light output and a wide beam of light for even distribution, ground or wall mounting options and powder coat finishes to stand up to extreme weather. Certain models also include a frosted prismatic polycarbonate lens or tempered glass lens with a molded gasket and silicone seal.

Use these premium quality LED-powered flood lights to illuminate walkways, parking lots, doorways, driveways and entrances around private homes, retail businesses and other commercial properties. In addition to keeping occupants safe while walking to and from buildings, flood lights also deter intruders that would rather not be seen. They can also be effectively used to highlight architectural features and landscaping at night.

BulbAmerica has been a leading supplier of high-quality lighting fixtures, replacement bulbs and accessories since 2003. We offer our residential and business customers a wide selection of products, low prices and unsurpassed customer service. Let us help you choose the right LED security flood light for your unique requirements.