For aircraft, automobiles and industrial jobs, a reliable bulb is essential. These PAR 56 bulbs offer long-lasting, dependable light for the most technical of jobs. The bulbs measure 7 inches in diameter and can be used for commercial or personal vehicle headlights, traffic lights, aviation lights, emergency lights and military lights.

These bulbs have different-sized spots. Narrow spot bulbs have a clear glass finish and a frosted lens. Medium flood bulbs look like a car headlight and are a lenticular or "stepped" lens. The wide flood bulb has much smaller "steps" inside of it.

Varied beam spread, beam angle, lamp finishes, lumens, watts and color temperatures allow customers to choose the perfect bulb for their specific needs. This selection guarantees the right light for any application. Superior quality options include bulbs from GE, Osram Sylvania and PLATINUM. BulbAmerica promises only the best bulbs at the lowest cost.