Bi-pin light bulbs have long been used in a wide variety of concealed commercial and residential lighting applications because they're easy to install and deliver a high light output from a small body. Increase energy efficiency and reduce maintenance by replacing old or worn out incandescent bulbs with bi-pin LED bulbs from BulbAmerica. We carry a large selection of bi-pin bulbs to choose from, including LED G4, G8 and G9 bulbs. These types of lights can be used in landscape lighting, decorative lighting, pendant fixtures, down lights and much more. They can even be used in signage, display lighting and under-cabinet lighting because energy efficient G4 LED bulbs are designed to last for up to 50,000 hours.

Visit to find the perfect G4 or G8 halogen LED replacement for your particular application. We offer bulbs in a huge range of voltage, lumen and color options to make it easy to find the right replacement lamp for your needs. We carry replacement bi-pin LED bulbs from trusted brand names like Luxrite, Satco and more along with our very own BulbAmerica line, which is reliable and affordable. Please note that the size of bi-pin bulbs is indicated by the number in the name. So, for example, a bi-pin G4 LED bulb has two pins that are 4 millimeters apart. If you aren't sure which type of bulb you need for your replacement or upgrade, don't hesitate to reach out to us for personalized service and information.