This collection of BulbAmerica linear germicidal bulbs offers the best variety of germ-killing light fixtures in a convenient linear bulb shape. A healthier environment doesn't have to require dangerous chemicals or a long and complicated process - germicidal light bulbs are an easy and effortless solution to sanitization. Working together, phosphors and a quartz glass envelope inside the bulb give off nearly invisible rays that destroy microorganisms, thus eliminating germs and cleansing the surrounding area.

Utilize germicidal bulbs to destroy yeast, viruses, bacteria, mold and more for a healthier home or workplace. Industries that can benefit from the germicidal linear bulb's extreme cleansing properties include medical, industrial, cosmetic, electronics, food and beverage and hospitality. They come in many sizes and lengths to fit various overhead or interior light units. There are nearly endless uses for these bulbs from companies like GE, Osram Sylvania and USHIO, all of which guarantee customer satisfaction through their direct partnership with BulbAmerica.