Plug-in germicidal light bulbs offer an easy way to rid an area of germs with a convenient plug-in base. These bulbs use phosphors and a quartz glass envelope that eliminates germs, yeast, viruses and mold easily and effectively. Germicidal bulbs generally give off minimal actual light, and invisibly cleanse the air or water, destroying harmful bacteria. Plug-in germicidal bulbs are user friendly - simply plug in the two or four pin bulb to begin utilizing its useful and powerful properties.

This collection offers a variety of reliable bulbs from brands like Philips, USHIO and Osram Sylvania; all recognized brands that provide the highest-quality items that are used for professional services with exact requirements. Typical places where the usage of germicidal bulbs is helpful is in areas like industrial and residential water and air disinfection units, food and beverage production, electronic item manufacturing and medical equipment sterilization.