This summer, as you sit out on your deck or entertain by your pool, keep the pests away with effective bug-zapping bulbs.
BulbAmerica has an extensive collection of FUL compact fluorescent Bug Zapper Bulbs designed to combat any flying pests that persist in your yard. With many models of bug lights from Sunlite, you can choose from a blacklight bulb, a T6 bug light, or a warm white model. Numerous compact models are also available in wattages ranging from 8 to 50 watts.

Order these compact fluorescent light bulbs from BulbAmerica to plug into your outdoor lamps. Choose the best size, wattage, and color temperature to meet your preferences. Ensure that the pin configuration will also enable your bulbs to be compatible with your lighting fixtures. If you are unsure of which bulb is best for your home, consult with a BulbAmerica representative, or watch a helpful video about choosing the perfect light bulb.