A CFL bullet bulb is a fantastic choice for applications where you need to illuminate slender fixtures, such as sconces and overhead lights. Our selection of bullet-shaped CFL bulbs at BulbAmerica includes the ideal style for your unique needs, including T10 CFL bulbs that can be used as a direct replacement for inefficient T8 incandescent bulbs. BulbAmerica stocks top-of-the-line CFL bulbs by the best in the industry.

Why switch to CFL? If you're not yet ready to make the great leap to LED but are still looking for a low-cost lighting source, CFL is a good option. These lights are significantly more energy efficient than their incandescent counterparts, offering up to 75 percent energy savings and a 10 percent longer lifespan. For example, you can choose a 7-watt T10 CFL to replace your 35-watt incandescent. You may also prefer CFL over LED due to their lower up-front cost.

Bullet bulbs are ideal for slender light fixtures such as overhead lights or sconces. Bullet CFLs retain the shape of a classic bullet bulb while adding the energy-saving benefits of an efficient CFL. The best part is: your eyes won't be able to tell the difference. Bullet CFLs discretely hide their standard CFL spiral bulb within an outer bullet shape. The result is a high-performing bullet bulb capable of fitting in any fixture built for its incandescent predecessors.

At BulbAmerica, we carry a selection of 5W-20W bullet CFLs rated to replace 15-75W incandescent bullet bulbs. 7W bullet CFLs lasts 10 times longer than their 35W incandescent equivalents costing property owners 75 percent less. CFL bullet bulbs like this Compact Fluorescent 7W, T10 Shape Light Bulb from Sunlite are a perfect alternative to energy-consuming incandescent bulbs and costly LEDs. Save money and increase performance - order your CFL bullet bulb from our lighting experts at BulbAmerica today!