C-shaped light bulbs are some of the most ubiquitous bulbs on the market, often used as Christmas lights and general purpose decorative fixture lights in residential and commercial environments. You may know them as C7, C9 or torpedo light bulbs. You can get the best cost savings over time when you switch out your old incandescent C-shaped bulbs to LEDs from BulbAmerica. We offer virtually maintenance-free long-life LED C7, C9 and torpedo lights for a wide range of decorative lighting applications indoors and out.

This selection includes long-lasting LED Christmas lights are sold in economical single and multipack options so that you can easily replace colored lights as they burn out. C7 LED Christmas lights are a great choice for those who prefer the traditional Christmas light shape with the added benefits of LED technology. We also have LED icicle lights for those who want a more contemporary, stylish holiday lighting option. Stock up on economical 25-packs of C7 and C9 LEDs from BulbAmerica so that you always have a great-looking backup on hand.