Whether you want to complement the unique colors of your home or swap out your natural bulbs for something festive during the holiday season, colored CFL bulbs are a great choice. CFL bulbs are an excellent alternative to their high-watt incandescent counterparts and can help you save up to 75 percent when you swap out your old incandescents. These bulbs also provide up to 10 percent longer life, so you can count on lower maintenance and less frequent burnout.

We have CFL colored bulbs for a wide range of applications, including indoor and outdoor use. Use a blue CFL on your porch to show solidarity with law enforcement or add a laid-back feel to your interior space with a soothing yellow CFL. You can also create a festive look for various holidays when you add colorful red or green CFL bulb to complement your holiday décor. BulbAmerica also stocks high-quality CFL black lights that are ideal for Halloween, haunted houses and parties.

Looking to add some energy-efficient color to your home or business? Check out our wide selection of colored CFL bulbs available to order here at BulbAmerica. Manufactured by some of the best names in the industry, including Satco, Sunlite and Feit Electric, our available colored CFL bulbs last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs and use a fraction of the energy. Plus, they start at just under 5 dollars.

Whether you're looking to spice up your home for the holiday or just add some color to a room on your property, we have the lighting bulbs for you. Our colored CFL bulbs are available in a wide range of colors, including blue, green, red, yellow, black and more! Our colored CFL bulbs are available in a number of styles, including standard CFL spirals, reflective PAR38 bulbs, R40s, globes and tube quads. Browse our wide selection of colored CFLs and find the perfect one for your home or business here at BulbAmerica.