Avoid being caught with the lights out by stocking up on compatible light bulbs for your fixtures from BulbAmerica. Among the fluorescent lighting there are a range of double tube bulbs including 2-pin GX32D-3 models. If your fixture requires this type of bulb, ensure that you get one that will plug in perfectly to every little notch. If you are unsure of which model to select, watch one of our helpful videos or contact a customer representative.

Among the double tube GX32D-3 models available is the Philips 28w Double Tube 2-Pin 2700K PL-X. SUNLITE also offers two different models. Choose between the SUNLITE 05760 Compact Fluorescent 28W and the 05765 Compact Fluorescent 28 Watts FDL Bulb. With the 05760 model, you get 28 watts and a 3000K color temperature. The 05765 also has 28 watts but delivers a 5000K color temperature. Determine the best double tube 2-pin GX32D-3 light bulb for your needs from BulbAmerica.