Beautify the exterior and interior of your home this holiday season with cascading icicle light strings. Choose strings featuring classic incandescent Christmas bulbs or strings with energy-efficient LED bulbs. Both choices provide you with hours of glowing light that make your holiday displays a joy to see.

Single Color Icicle Lights

Create captivating background scenes for light characters such as Santa Clause and his reindeers with strings of dangling single-color icicle lights. Grab one or more light sets, so you’ll have enough to create layers of color that define your design creations. For traditional lighted house icicles, hang single color white icicle strings from roof eaves. Colors such as cool blue or green also pay homage to the season.

Multicolor Icicle Light Strings

Anytime you want to create a festive vibe for your home, choose multicolored icicle lights. These light strings include warm colors such as yellow and orange, and cool colors such as blue, green and white. This kaleidoscope of colors is sure to make people smile. Choose green wires for classic holiday décor or white wires that blend nicely with white eaves.

Pink and Purple Icicle Lights

Step outside the classic holiday light color box and adorn your home with layers of pink or purple. Pink represents love and purple is all about passion, and there are many ways to incorporate these colors into a fabulous lighting design. Set the scene for your big holiday bash by stringing purple icicle lights along the front entranceway, or near your backyard patio. Transform indoor room walls with swaths of bright pink, adding pink ornaments to mini white Christmas trees to continue the pink décor theme.

Sturdy Outdoor Lights

Regardless of your lighting bulb and wire preferences, icicle lights are made to withstand the elements, ensuring your display continues shining brightly at night. Special features include tight twist, end-to-end-connectors and stackable male plugs. Light packs typically contain 70 to over 100 light bulbs for ample coverage.