Many of today's residential and commercial lighting appliances require the use of directional light for optimal safety and performance. From bike lights to overhead projectors, tools across several industries require special light bulbs for their directional light emission. Multifaceted reflector (MR) bulbs are designed with built-in reflectors to emit light at precisely directed angles. Available in several sizes to meet directional lighting applications large and small, MR bulbs are the standard reflector bulb of choice for many of today's appliances.

On this page, you'll find our selection of brand-name MR11 bulbs with a width of 11/8-inches. Designed and manufactured by some of the industry's leading brands, including Satco, Sunlite, Platinum and our very own BulbAmerica manufacturing division, the MR11 light bulbs in our inventory are rated for peak performance and durability where it counts. Browse our selection for the MR11 bulb that fits your voltage and wattage requirements and place your order with our team today!