Searching for a mid-sized multifaceted reflector (MR) bulb for your residential or commercial project? This may be the place for you. On this page, our supply team here at BulbAmerica has displayed our entire inventory of brand-name MR13 bulbs. Per the conventional diameter-measuring system used for light bulbs, which uses numbers to denote 1/8-inch intervals, MR13 bulbs are exactly 13/8 inch in diameter, making them great for mid-sized applications where directional lighting is needed.

Like all MR light bulbs, MR13 light bulbs have built-in reflectors that direct light in a specific angle range. This property makes them perfect for applications where directed light is necessary, such as projection and safety lighting. In our inventory, you'll find high-quality MR13 lights from industry-leading manufacturers including Ushio, Osram Sylvania, and our very own in-house manufacturing division. Shop our selection to find the right voltage and wattage specifications for your needs and order with us today!