MR16 light bulbs are one of the most widely-used MR light bulb sizes available on the market today. At 2 inches in diameter, they are the second largest MR light bulb option in production and provide a sizeable amount of directional light ideal for covering large areas. Like most MR light bulbs, MR16 light bulbs come standard with GU5.3 pin base that is significantly smaller than the bases of incandescent alternatives. Plus, MR16 light bulbs produce a crisp white light that is considered by many to be superior to the light produced by other directional lamps.

Here at BulbAmerica, our inventory is currently stocked with hundreds of different MR16 light bulbs from industry-leading manufacturers including Philips, Osram Sylvania, and our very own in-house manufacturing team. With an extensive range of wattage and voltage specs to choose from, plus state-of-the-art design features such as dimming compatibility and multi-layer titanium oxide coatings, the MR16 light bulbs in our inventory are built to perform in virtually any environment where substantial directional light is needed. Find the standard EKE bulb and many other brand-name MR16 light bulbs here at BulbAmerica today!