Multifaceted reflector (MR) bulbs are specialized light bulbs that use built-in reflectors to produce directional light. They feature a smaller pin base that traditional incandescent reflectors, and are thus often the standard reflector bulb of choice for compact applications such as bike lighting, small recessed lighting, and modern projector lighting. On this page, you'll find our brand-name selection of MR8 light bulbs.

Per the standard sizing rules of most directional lights, MR bulbs are sized with a number that represents the bulb's diameter in 1/8-inch intervals. MR8 bulbs are thus exactly 1-inch in diameter. This puts them on the smaller end of available MR bulbs, making them ideal for extremely compact directional lighting applications. In our inventory, you'll find MR8 light bulbs designed and manufactured by some of the industry's top brands including Ushio and Satco. Browse our selection for various voltage and wattage configurations, and order your brand-name MR8 light bulbs with safe and secure shipping from our team today!