PAR 20 bulbs are suited for indoor and outdoor use. These 2.5 inch wide bulbs are useful for ceiling fixtures, track lighting, showcase displays and more.

In showcases or curio cabinets, PAR 20 bulbs light up objects with great brilliance, and specially-designed UV-preventative front glass and aluminum reflectors ensure the objects are protected from harmful rays. Diamonds, antiques, doll collections, crystal and more sparkle under PAR 20 lights. In track lights, under-cabinet lights, outdoor high hat lights or ceiling lights, PAR 20 bulbs provide excellent mood lighting for homes or retail stores. Rather than using just one large bulb for lighting purposes, many small ones enhance surroundings better and are easy to change out as the light reaches the end of its life.

Twenty options of PAR 20 bulbs from excellent lighting companies like GE, Philips and Satco allow customers to rest easy knowing they have the best selection of the highest quality bulbs.