If you need indoor or outdoor lighting with a directed beam, consider using these parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR30) LED bulbs from BulbAmerica. These powerful light bulbs provide bright, directed lighting that's perfect for a variety of home applications. You can use PAR30 LED short neck flood lights or PAR30 short neck LED 2700K bulbs for security outside your home, for example. Meanwhile, another PAR30 LED light might be installed in your kitchen so you enjoy a nice bright light over your sink, oven or kitchen island.

By choosing PAR30 LED bulbs, you'll get to maximize the brightness levels in these spaces without wasting energy. LED technology makes these bulbs incredibly energy-efficient, and most won't have to be replaced for at least several years after being installed. At BulbAmerica, you'll also get competitive prices on these bulbs from top name brands, including American Lighting, Philips, Osram Sylvania and Miracle LED.