PAR 30 long neck light bulbs are similar to regular PAR 30 bulbs, but with a longer neck for more specific types of bulb bases. Use these halogen bulbs as floodlights, spotlights, recessed lighting, track lighting or ceiling lighting. They stick out more than the typical PAR 30 bulb, which allows for more specific usage.

At 3.75 inches, PAR 30 bulbs are small but powerful enough to be used to enhance the brilliance of costumes and sets in theaters, provide indoor and outdoor home décor and decoration lighting during the holidays, light up outdoor areas at hospitality venues and set mood lighting for offices and public places. Both energy efficient and long lasting, these bulbs come with the choice of more than 30 individual items that can be used for any type of specific lighting design. Brands like Osram Sylvania, Philips and Satco - all partners of BulbAmerica - ensure customer satisfaction with their highly rated lamps.