There are dozens of ways you can implement BR38 and PAR38 CFL light bulbs into your home or business, from upgrading outdated CFLs in recessed lighting to creating a safer outdoor environment with the use of a CFL flood light or spotlight. BulbAmerica offers PAR38 and BR38 lamps in an excellent assortment of options that can be used to effectively replace energy inefficient incandescent bulbs ranging from 60 to 100 watts with a CFL that runs at a much lower wattage. You can tailor your CFL to your needs with your desired beam spread, color temperature and lumen output with options from BulbAmerica.

BR38 and PAR38 are similar but do have their own unique advantages. Both feature built-in reflectors, however the two types of reflectors are slightly different. The BR in BR38 stands for bulged reflector, where PAR stands for parabolic aluminized reflector. The primary difference is that PAR38 bulbs cannot be adjusted in any way and they only shine either up or down, while the BR38 options can be tailored for more custom beam spread. Visually, the main difference is that the BR style has more of a bulging shape compared to the flat-lens style of PAR lights.

PAR38 and BR38 CFL bulbs combine the industry's latest in reflective lighting technology with the energy-efficiency of modern CFLs in two versatile, high-performing bulbs. Both PAR38 and BR38 CFL bulbs can effectively replace incandescent bulbs ranging from 60 to 100 watts at much lower, less consumptive voltage levels. Plus, our state-of-the-art PAR38 and BR38 CFL bulbs at BulbAmerica allow users to control lumen output, desired beam spread and color temperature. We proudly carry bulbs from manufacturers including Feit Electric, GE, Satco, Sunlite, Ushio and more.

PAR38 or BR38? Choosing the Right CFL Bulb

If you are unsure as to which bulb to choose, the main difference between PAR38 CFL bulbs and BR38 CFL bulbs lies in their built-in reflectors. The reflector on PAR38 CFL bulbs is a parabolic aluminized reflector, which can only be adjusted to shine up or down and casts a flat lens shape. The reflector on BR38 CFL bulbs is a bulging reflector and allows for more versatile beam spreading adjustment options, with the beam itself casting more of a bulging shape. If you have questions about which bulb may be best for your property, our team of lighting professionals are happy to help. Contact us to speak one-on-one with one of our team members, and start shopping with us now!