Ideal for any application where you want to direct light forward - such as recessed lighting and track lighting - R40 and BR40 CFL lights are a great choice. R-style lights feature built-in reflectors and can be used to illuminate kitchens, living rooms and media rooms. The R40 and BR40 lamps all feature a 5-inch diameter regardless of which style you choose, so you can use them interchangeably. You can also use R40 and BR40 CFLs anywhere you have previously installed a PAR40 lamp.

R40, BR40 and PAR40 lights are all the same size and all feature a built-in reflector to help improve light output. What you get with the BR40 is a bulged-shaped light, while the R style features a more traditional shape. You'll enjoy greater energy savings and a longer lifespan when you opt to replace your incandescent bulbs with these CFL options. If you aren't sure which type of reflector CFL bulb to purchase for your unique needs, always reach out to us at BulbAmerica for advice.

Trying to beam your light forward? Think "40". Our selection of R40 and BR40 CFL bulbs are ideal for forward-beaming lighting applications such as recessed lighting and track lighting where direct light is of the utmost importance. Our R40 and BR40 bulbs are great for illuminating living rooms, media rooms and kitchens, and can also be installed anywhere you have previously installed a PAR40 lamp. Plus, as CFL bulbs, they're up to 10 times longer lasting than their incandescent cousins - and they use less energy too.

The difference between R40 and BR40 bulbs isn't size (they're the exact same in that department) but beam spread. Both feature a built-in reflector, but with BR40 CFL bulbs, you can see a more bulged beam shape versus the more traditional shape of R40 CFL bulbs. Here at BulbAmerica, we proudly carry a wide range of R40 and BR40 CFL bulbs available in a wide range of colors to match any décor. Manufactured by some of the top names in the industry, including GE, Philips, Satco and Sunlite, our BR40 and R40 CFL bulbs are highly-reliable, energy-efficient and great for both residential and commercial applications. Order yours here at BulbAmerica today!