With BulbAmerica's vast selection of single tube light bulbs, you can get the right wattage and color for your light fixture. Browse this vast inventory of single tube, 2-pin G23 bulbs. These fluorescent light bulbs are energy-saving and last longer than incandescent lighting sources. By using less energy, you will not only help the environment but also save money on your power bill. All the while, your bulbs will emit a light that is much brighter than a standard typical bulb.

Explore the options for single tube 2-pin bulbs from popular brands including Sylvania, Philips, USHIO and LUXRITE. Choose from models like the Osram Sylvania 9w bulb or the Philips 7w bulb in cool white. There are also models compatible with magnetic G23 bases like the LUXRITE 5W compact fluorescent light bulb. Choose bulbs from BulbAmerica that will emit the glow that you desire. Whether you need to replace the light bulbs in your kitchen, studio or office, rely on BulbAmerica to provide optimal and bright fluorescent lighting.